We’ve teamed up with some great local stores to bring some gaming to the Albany Comic Con on October 30th from 10:00am 4:00pm. This year we will offer a Magic the Gathering tournament, a YuGiOh tournament and some fun demonstrations.


Magic the Gathering
Registration: 10AM
First Round: 10:30 AM Sharp
Entry: $10 (includes pack with entry)
Format: DCI Sanctioned Standard Constructed
Structure: Swiss Rounds (based on attendance) followed by Top 8 playoff for prizes
Prize pool: Guaranteed 2 boxes of Innistrad + 1 box for every 10 entrants beyond the first 20 (ie. 30 entrants = 3 boxes, 40 entrants = 4 boxes)
1st – 40% prize pool
2nd – 20% prize pool
3rd – 10% prize pool
4th – 10% prize pool
5th to 8th – 5% prize pool

We will also be running 8 man drafts if there is interest!

Registration: 10AM
First Round: 10:30 AM Sharp
Entry: $10 (includes 2 Turbo Packs)
Prize pool: $2 per person

DEMONSTRATIONS (click on the pictures for more info)

11:30 am Ascension – hosted by Comic Depot LLC

12:00 pm HeroClix – hosted by Zombie Planet

12:30 pm WarMachines – hosted by Cooper’s Cave

1:00 pm Munchkins – hosted by Zombie Planet

1:30 pm Hordes – hosted by Cooper’s Cave

2:00 pm YuGiOh – hosted by Flights of Fantasy

The above games will be available to demo all day and there will be many others as well!