MTG – Legacy and Standard Series – 5/22 Standard Event

Registration: 10AM First Round: 11AM Sharp Entry: $25 DECK LIST REQUIRED! Format: DCI Sanctioned Standard Constructed Officiate: Level 1 DCI Judge Structure: Swiss Rounds (based on attendance) followed by Top 8 Prize: 1st Place Guaranteed x4 Jace the Mind Sculpter Prize with 22 Players: 1st x4 Jace TMS 2nd x4 Tezeret Agent of Bolas 3rd Read More »

Next Week’s New Releases!

Here's a look at next week's new releases! 100 BULLETS TP VOL 01 FIRST SHOT LAST CALL $9.99 28 DAYS LATER #22 $3.99 68 (SIXTY EIGHT) #1 (OF 4) CVR A NAT JONES $3.99 ABATTOIR #4 (OF 6) (MR) $3.50 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #651 2ND PTG RAMOS VAR (PP #956 $3.99 AVENGERS #12 $3.99 AVENGERS ACADEMY Read More »

Random Frack 2 – Zombies

The subject today folks: ZOMBIES! Have they taken the place of the vampire? I sure as frack hope so. And it seems that lately they have not only been taking away attention from the vampire genre (more specifically the sparkly vampire genre) but they’ve also been getting a lot of talent under their blood and Read More »

MtG New Phyrexia PreRelease Event

New Phyrexia PreRelease Event Saturday May 7th @ 6PM Sunday May 8th @ 1:30PM $25 Entry Sealed Format 3 to 5 Swiss Rounds based on attendance with a cut to top 4 Prize: 2 packs per player distribution below 1st - 50% packs 2nd - 25% packs 3rd - 12.5% packs 4th - 12.5% packs Read More »

Next Weeks Incoming List!

Here's a look at what's new in the store next Wednesday: TITLE UNIT RETAIL ALL NEW BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #6 $2.99 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #658 BIG $3.99 BATGIRL #20 $2.99 BATGIRL #20 $2.99 BATMAN AND ROBIN #22 $2.99 BIRDS OF PREY #11 $2.99 BLACK PANTHER MAN WITHOUT FEAR #517 $2.99 BLUE ESTATE #1 Read More »

Ascension Game Day April 10th

Along with our Legacy Event on April 10th we will be hosting Ascension Game Day!  Game day will begin at 3PM.  $5 Entry, all entry fees will be distributed as store credit with 2/3 going to 1st place and 1/3 going to 2nd place.  All entrants will recieve Deep Drone while suppies last. Read More »
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