Random S**t and Wonder Woman

Are you ready for a rousing good read? An entertaining commentary on the comic/fan/geek culture? A grand adventure through the world of geek that will stimulate your hearts (and groins) as you are immersed in the Pulitzer Prize worthy ramblings of one of Nerdoms elite?               Then I suggest you follow Mark Millar on twitter Read More »

Board Game Demo Monday 3/28/11

We'll be having our first board game night on Monday March 28th from 4:00 - 7:00 pm.  We will be playing some great games and everyone is free to join us.  Learn how to play a new game or bring some friends to play a favorite game.  The games for this night will be (click on the pictures for Read More »

MTG – Legacy and Standard Series – 3/20 Standard Results

We attendance of 27 for the second event in our Legacy and Standard Series.   Our next event will be Legacy on April 10th.  Stay tuned for more info.  Congratulations to our top 8: Split  Bryan Gottlieb Split   Scott Collett 3rd Justin Gottlieb 4th Joel Paradee 5th Gabe Heitker 6th Mark Morrison 7th Rion Marmalstein 8th Jurgis Paliulis The deck lists are: 1st  Bryan Read More »

Weekly Comics & Other Stuff – 3/16

Here's a list of the comics and other stuff we'll be getting on Wednesday the 16th.  Notice we're restocking our Green Lantern trade paperbacks (TP), we've got more Heroclix coming in AND we'll have FIREFLY bumperstickers!! Some of the comics come in limited quantities so get there early so you don't miss out! Stay tuned Read More »

Magic the Gathering – Legacy and Standard Series – March 20th Standard

In February we started our MTG Legacy and Standard Series.  Our first tournament was a huge success, with 39 attending.  Congrats to our winner Dan Jordon.  You can find the rest of the top 8 and the winning decks here: http://www.comicdepotllc.com/mtg-cdls1. Here's the info for our next tournament on March 20th!  This event is Standard Read More »

News and Twitter

Not only do we have a blog, but you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!  If you haven't been following us on Twitter, here's what you've missed:  3/11/11 Batwoman #1 preview! http://ow.ly/4bhie Here's a sneak peek at Marvel's Dracula: Throne of Blood! http://ow.ly/4bh7S Writer Ron Marz talks Top Cow! http://ow.ly/4bhfG Preview Ultimate Comics Read More »
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