Looking for games? We’ve got ’em! The Comic Depot has games for everybody – board games for all ages and experience levels, table top role playing games, card games and more!

Card Games

We sell singles, boosters and boxes of Magic: The Gathering, as well as boosters and boxes of other games such as Pokemon and more. If you’re looking for supplies, check out our selection of card sleeves, deck boxes, card storage boxes, binders and other accessories. Don’t forget, you can also join us for weekly Magic: The Gathering tournaments in multiple formats.

Board Games

We have a large selection of board games available, from small party games to hours long intensive strategy games and expansions. Whether you’re into Monopoly or Risk, we have something for you! Not sure where to start? Join us for our weekly Board Game Day to try some of our favorites – no experience necessary, all ages welcome!

Role Playing Games

Can’t forget tabletop games! Visit us to check out our selection of role playing books, figures, dice and other accessories. Occasionally we offer hosted Dungeons & Dragons playgroups in the shop – keep an eye on our events calendar for more information, or contact us if you’re interesting in hosting a game.