The subject today folks: ZOMBIES! Have they taken the place of the vampire? I sure as frack hope so. And it seems that lately they have not only been taking away attention from the vampire genre (more specifically the sparkly vampire genre) but they’ve also been getting a lot of talent under their blood and flesh soaked belts.

            First we got Kirkman, he came on to the scene with arguably one of the greatest comics in history ever – The Walking Dead. Then we got Frank Darabont (director of the Shawshank redemption), helming The Walking Dead TV show. Not to mention hordes (no pun intended) of other amazing projects such as Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead reboot, Shaun of the Dead, Zombie land, World War Z, Etc.

            It seems like ever since the early 2000’s great works of the undead have been becoming easier and easier to come by. That being said, George Romero must be insanely pissed!

            And before you fan boys interlude, I know George Romero didn’t create the zombie, I know that it was some voodoo folktale/legend. But let’s face it he created what we know to be a zombie: slow stagger, hunger for human flesh, stupid if not completely brain dead, and of course “BRAINS!”

            Ol’ Georgey made Zombie a house hold name. His basic design has been copied rehashed and reinterpreted more times than George Lucas has asked “will this make me money?” (Which is A LOT, trust me). And while all these millions and millions are being made of these projects, Romero is still making Zombie flicks that get sent straight to DVD. Ouch! I wonder if he’s ever stood over Robert Kirkman, or Frank Darabont with a pillow, resisting the urge to smother them in their sleep………….

            And on that note this has been Random Frack. See you next week.